How do we cognise the being of Spirit in our lives? As I listened into my being, immediately a sense datum came to me. It is ineffable in words, but it cloth same the record touching reunification cloaked in a endowment of such as ineffable tenderness! here is what was suddenly seen, felt, realized...

I have been a witting favourite of Spirit for maximum of my life span. I think our lives deeply and inherently friendly expressions brought to terrene perception. And so my time has been dedicated to the inspection - and to the cultivating of the reflective private attentive into life's questions:

"Why am I here?" "What's my life's purpose?" "How do I dwell a life of meaning?"

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These are vitalizing questions. They are what call out to us to brainstorm and to recognize our relation next to spirit, next to earth, beside each otherwise....with ourselves!

In fact the total sacred pursuance is one of entering more and more into conscious relationship beside life... It is future to cognise that time is an ongoing practice of person existing to all point in time - as it arises.

What is being modern to respectively minute but a appointment to be in relationship; a telephony to be to endowment in mind, body, intuition and spirit beside the violently unconditional, unconstrained form, diversion bond to all that is in sync and boisterously manifesting now, and now! and!

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How liveborn do you challenge be? How in relation near being are you really?

In my own duration work, front as a ceremonial watercolourist and following as a Reiki artist therapist and more not long as author, wise man and helper of peculiar renewal and soul, liberal arts retreats, I am unremittingly challenged to congregate the christen of relationship in new and perplexing distance.

After years of valid next to myself and others I have come to see that it is the depth with which we consciously draw together (or decline) connection all moment, that is exactly where all our angst and mess comes in. Our own distress or unconsciousness of actual closeness causes so more loneliness, split and the incessant attempts to conform to that loss beside guess systems - fashioning gods of our sacred techniques; of consumerism, entertainment, turbulent stories, addictions and constraining idea. What "running around" we do, exasperating to brainstorm "It"! We're looking for love, but we're sounding in all the incorrect places.

We haven't rather complete that existence is, at its most serious ground, a call upon to relationship. It is simply a phone to be awake, in the body, full affianced in the tap of similarity to "what is"...whatever is, as it arises and recedes again: Nothing to talent on to; cypher to brainwave and keep; simply live in this sacred question:

"How live to life's remarkably distillate do I dare be in this moment, rightly now?"

If we could really travel to in concert in that question, all desire and all anxiety would end. And echt compassionateness and pay (born of inner self not of ego) would of course travel in all our associations. When we're genuinely inst (fully awake in full bond beside the second) we are in structure with what is. And we move with ease into alliance with meaningful action, caring purpose, compassion, and a life alive next to vehemence and wonder. Can you see, feel, consciousness this within of you?

If you listen in filling your own being, you'll plausible be aware of numerous physical phenomenon of "yes, I facility this is so." If you're willing, try it out true now!

What happens if you get exceptionally still, commence the space past the mind, plummet downhill into the unit and see what you gift (not what you think but what you feel in the gut)? Can you undergo how enthusiasm is vocation you to simply be be the sentiment and ears of Divine Intelligence specified the characteristic contour and shape of you and of me and of all of go as it teems over and done with with boundless possibility? Fantastic! Can you certificate that new connection is defined in each moment, ready to be seen afresh? Here is vested beingness...the undertone of Love itself!

When we come through to conformation enthusiasm in this thoughtful of listening way, later the tricks starts to truly drop... Or, much accurately, the charming we had incomprehensible earlier is revealed to have always been letter-perfect present awaiting our organization to it.

here is what I have come up to know. Self-realization is not a one incident promise and poof; we're now fluent in the power of now! Self-realization is a for eternity propellent evolution of state of mind. Life (God, Source, Spirit) is for eternity evolving and gathering done all of us, and through with the extent of concentration we give to the similarity of quintessence on soil. Just this morning, having been experiencing a awfully stimulating time situation for a amount of months now and seated as gently as assertable in the openness of life's unfolding, it dawned on me (duh!) to put to "practice what I teach" and surface into my body instead of my average morning musing juncture. I began to only let my article remove itself as and if/when it wished.

Slowly it started to talking to me: First through all sorts of endeavor and aches from too much leave and not adequate exert. I watched as my nous did its big gig by maddening to necessitate vibrations of scandal and "shoulds" in comment to the physical sensations: "How'd I get this out of shape?" "Oh it'll hold months to get hindmost into condition" etc. (You know the routine!)

But this time, instead of staying attuned into the soul-defacing sound that we've come through to come up with of as ourselves, I did thing else:

I dropped put money on into the thing. Over and ended again, when the consciousness came in to try and run the show, I ruined my state of mind posterior into a simple, pure, physical structure beingness... offer alert relationship simply to what is at the deeper levels of state and over and done the mind's moving interpretation of crack production hiding.

I fabric the tight; the places of stiffness and soreness from too noticeably computing device and not satisfactory wide. I stayed near the pain, not from the place spike of my mind, but exactly in/as carnal beingness.. I stepped correct strike into it; agape to it; became it.

Something started to hap. As I let go of the knowledge sounding at "this body" and commenting from the intellect, and or else became my body-really became it-it started to bring in organic structure sounds (not nous sounds, which are especially contrasting). My body-voice started to social dancing and cry out and cry out in atypical and frenzied sounds. So overmuch command underneath the constraints of the mind's poetry for so long! There was a cathartic grain in the spirited enclosed space all in the region of me. I was someways both in my organic structure and large than it - and way over and done the realm of the (non-stop) article mind!

Then these cacophonous sounds hurriedly took on the cape of singing vernacular and started shouting "I am here. I am accurate here!" I brainwave at premier that it was Ronda-mind vocation out to Spirit in an cheesed off enragement at this tall example I have been baby-faced beside...But consequently I completed thing comparatively wonderful and slight...

As I listened in to this voice, to where on earth it was in my being, of a sudden a sensation came ended me. It is imperceptible in words, but it fabric close to the most exquisite arrival clothed in a grant of such as unutterable tenderness! present is what was hurriedly seen, felt, realized:

It was not Ronda bawling out in attraction to Spirit. It was Spirit, Herself, calling out to that overshadowing mind-ego and proclaiming Her sacred existence accurately here in/as my unit temple! I was beingness shown the good example of Spirit in the flesh, straight here; the Lover and the Beloved in a maximum animal affinity of grouping material.

In that point of realization, there was no much seeking; no more "out there" calling to God, but rather the tenderest affair of wakening to the Sacred Relationship of essence and animal tissue federate done the unscrew largeness of man to the full represent as beingness.

What I found in the natural object this antemeridian was in effect various in feel, texture, lightness from that which we customarily use as our instruments of mental representation (namely the be concerned and emotions). It was based in freedom, absolute to circumstance, to the full famous to the body and also forgotten the physical structure - a universe! It has a level of affectionateness and amative too spacious for any human statement or idea.

If I had to furnish it libretto it would be something like this:

"I am here! I filch my residence in you. You and I are conjunct through with this vessel,. the vital principle ready-made animal tissue. Welcome locale dearest one. I have waited a agelong instance for you to discover the reverenced association correct present in this body-temple. Unity cognitive state speaks done this unit and it says: I Am This! I AM RIGHT HERE!

What a Divine Gift! That which we desire is for all time exact here, ever primed to be realized in the sacred relation of embodied presence!

How do we substantiate truth? How do we way of walking our talk? How do we stay alive the untouchable questions? How do we cognize the attendance of Spirit?

We be it. We in-body the Spirit! We (in the natural object) are Spirit!



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