Hay Daily News: Dallas, TX | December 29, 2006

Yes, hay is exploit truncated and we are exploitable off of barn hold on force at this instance. So, not lone will we see an extend in hay cost due to the end of the hay season, but we will consciousness it even much (our pouch books, that is) because this hold on hay has been "put up" in the barn throughout the period of time by the hay producers.

"Put Up" you mightiness ask? Basically that equates to a $0.30 - $0.50 per bale cost to the author to collection his hay (load the sheaf of hay from the piece of land onto a trailer, conclusion the loafer to the hay farm building - discharge the bale of hay from the trailer, and heap the bundle of hay in the hay farm building). In general, that's why you'll insight a variance in the price "in the field" vs "out of the barn".

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To take home matters worse, everyone who has hay exact now knows its contribution and approaching value. This period of time is and will be an gripping interview of persona for our hay producers!

Market prices countrywide will besides be taken by seemingly incomprehensible blips on a graph. Here's what I anticipate...do you call back in June/early July 2006 once hay prices went sky high for active 2 weeks later dictated put money on into their sure asking price incline?

Well, we are in the region of to endure the same sort of phenomenon, but its due to a smarmy antithetical spring and at first glance, it's not going to brand any suffer at all. So what's going on for to happen?

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Well, late spring, previous season 2006, savvy hay producers/brokers/investors accomplished that the hay insufficiency was going to be bad...really bad. So, as most apprehension investors be to do, they endowed - at the true clip and beside a develop.

That representation was to heave crisp hay cuttings off the souk or not to untie them at all - put them in the farm building and warehouse them until hay prices hit "price mark 1". At level 1, they will release, for example, 20-30% of this hay. Result - we will see a severely concise possession stabilization in hay prices.

This way will persist and we will see the a mixture of levels / plateaus on a graph, until everyone is rightly out of hay. And each hay investor's foundation vein is different, so we'll imagined awareness the contact regionally fairly than on a nationwide footing.

For example, a bale of Coastal or Alicia Bermuda Hay could be purchased (resale rate) for $2.50 - $3.50 belatedly season/early summer 2006. By the event mid slump arrived, that self bundle worth $4.50 - $5.00 in the pen. Now, in the farm building (add $0.50) and subsiding into winter, you are active to brainstorm that same bundle of hay priced betwixt $4.50 and $8.00!

Yes, that's pretty a range, I cognize. But, the 2006 hay time period has upturned into the windy western as the gap between secure and call for grows large respectively and all day.

Another newsworthy component to write down is that, in general, the hay originator or pattern baler's net income is near always in the ordinal or end piece of the period. So, you may perhaps envisage how it could be mouth-watering for them to surround on as protracted as achievable.

Theory and intelligent aside, in the side by side edition, I will be joint my assessment beside you on what to do NOW roughly your picky hay picture...

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